Give you self fully to God he will use you to accomplish great, things on the condition that you believe much more in your own weakness

We have put our camp in buswaburongo village, tomorrow if God wish us and blesse us we shall be moving kibati village to see and ear there problems they face, love children’s, love each other Matovu Isa afounder

Many people today feel lonely, they feel that nobody really care about them, older people children’s often feel this way, but alot of people today even many who serve God, also feel lonely and afraid, let us this work together to help those who surfering we give them hands

Give and it will be given to you back good measure passed down shaken together, Running over Will be put into you lap for with the measure back to you,help us food and water

Hoo Lord is my portion,I promise to keep your wards I entreat you faver with all my heart, I will never get taird in doing small things like you son Jesus

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