Project title: sanitary pads for girls who drop from schools Project location: mityana Uganda Project proponent: lighthope research institute mityana No,of beneficiaries: 80% of girls who drop from schools every year and 15%who ended there education, 5% got pregnant at young age Fund sources 2021 Girl performance challenge fund Helping Agency: lighthope foundation mityana BudgetContinue reading

Pain makes you stronger tears makes you braver heart breaks makes you wise , so thank the past for a better a better future, when we prey things change doors open and possibilities became reality, we have received you box and now on water tank, we have corrected 100dollers and we yeah looking forward 200dollers to end that project keep donate to us

Anyone who have anything to us for water tank this my manager account, EQUITY BANK Account name, Ssebuliba Frank Account number,1016101679743 God will reward you positively for this work now the childrens they been getting treatment

Let me thank my friends from USA, helping us and build us toilet God will reward you more than that, under my managment will sitll a have a problems of dirty water in our ophannage, we yeah looking for water tank to store water it is for 300$ good bless you all my friend

Brothers and sisters,I am matovu Isa CEO light hope foundation Uganda, under my management team, we needs you hands and prayers,we a looking for water storege, our childrens on our ophannage has diseases from dirty water(typhoid, diahoria, e,t,c 50childrens has been affected, it happened ophannage but children’s in community wanted clean water, we wanted to stop this let us join hands together for this project

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